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Perky Parkies?

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Well HELLO to all my fine readers on this glorious winter’s day!  And a special shout-out to all of my fellow “parkies” (or my wolfpack as I love to call them!). Great to have everyone here! I know you’ve probably had a rough night with only 2 or 3 hours of sleep like me but hey, isn’t it great that we have all this extra time in the day!! What’s that you say? You’re feeling a little apathetic today? A little depressed? Well that’s nothing that a cone, or a bowl, or a quart of frozen yogurt won’t take care of!! And if you’re worried about putting on a few extra pounds, don’t worry! You can just ease up on your meds and shake those pounds right off!! Speaking of shaking, check out my blog’s new product reviews for some exciting additions you’ll want to get your hands on as quickly as you can! There is even a handy umbrella designed with us parkies in mind – don’t let those cloudy skies get you down!

These are my words but they sure don’t read or sound much like any blog I’ve ever written. I have, however, read many blogs that make an extra effort to emphasize the positive*. Some seek out the jovial side of living with Parkinson’s, some encourage spiritual solace and comfort. Others try not to wade into any controversial areas such as public policy, alternative therapies and the pharmaceutical industry.

Since I began writing this blog some 4 years ago, I have attempted to present a more balanced view of living with PD. The good, the bad and the ugly of PD you might say. At times, I have concurred with the importance of being positive. I’ve tried to inject humour  into my writing (which some folks tell me they have enjoyed). But I’ve also shared my frustrations, my challenges, and my opinions about some of the “sacred” institutions and controversial treatments of PD.

That’s not to say that I’ve used this blog as a platform to rant and rave or act in a malicious way. That’s never been my intent. Yet, it has also never been my intent to “sugar-coat” living with PD. I’d like to think people who have recently been diagnosed with PD would get more out of this type of blog. Also, in terms of building awareness outside the PD community, this approach paints a more realistic picture of Parkinson’s.

This blog won’t earn product endorsements. It won’t get me invited to pharmaceutical conferences. Hell (or heck, if you prefer), you won’t find even links to my blog in places you’d expect to see that! You will find lots of links to “perky parkies” – they are always up!




*   I’ve touched upon this topic previously – see Get Happy


You want it darker

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This has been quite a year this 2016.

Looking back, violence seemed to reign supreme. I’ m thinking of the many terrorist attacks in Europe and the Middle East and the stunning loss of lives they wrought. Conflicts raged on in places like Syria and Iraq and we saw the horror of life in cities like Aleppo that led to the Syrian refugee crisis. In Europe, there was Brexit and the possible collapse of the EU. Assaults on our planet escalated environmental protests and drove a chasm between people that seems impossible to bridge.

We also lost some noteable people as the plethora of year-in-review lists will attest. Of particular note for me I would say were Mohamed Ali, David Bowie, Prince to name but a few.

The final two months of the year were even darker times for me (as it was for millions more no doubt). First came the US presidential election, followed by the death of one of my muses, Canadian poet and singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen. Finally, some personal health concerns weighed heavy on me as the year drew to a close.

I don’t want to toss another log on the the political hay storm fires that are burning. I’ve read at least a few dozen articles on the election results that have been much better written than I could ever hope to do. Suffice it to say that I am stunned by the election to such a position of public office of someone who spews such vitriol and hate, seems so racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, divisive, provacative, ill-tempered, unethical, exploitive, angry and down-right rude. No matter how strongly one may be against another party or candidate, how in the world can so many support someone who behaves like this? I do get it – lots of people were angry at conventional politics in the US but was no one listening to the things this guy was saying? What he’s been doing?? Sorry – I said I wasn’t going to stoke this fire – and I think I just may have. Let me just say, I am one of those who face this new future with a great deal of fear. These are particularly worrisome times for  vulnerable people – and that must include people with Parkinson’s living in the US. I could be wrong about Trump and for the good of all, I sincerely hope I am.

As for the death of Leonard Cohen, I must say that his writings and music have been both an inspiration and a source of joy throughout much of my adult life. While it wasn’t a total surprise – he seemed more fragile of late and had publicly mused about his impending death in interviews and in his final LP You want it darker– hearing that he had died,  I felt like a great weight had been placed upon me. I felt crushed.

Finally, as if all that doom and gloom weren’t enough, I found out that both myself and one of my daughters will be required to have surgical operations later this month. More weight to carry…

After the Preface

Thank you for sticking with me on this one. Seems like a lot of black clouds have accumulated overhead in this latest blog entry. BUT, this has all been an elaborate preface to explain my relative dearth of blog entries in recent months. To help explain why I haven’t been as active or as inspired to pen additional works.

Simply put, as I have been following all the “doom and gloom” developments noted above, I’ve been feeling that anything I might have to say about living with Parkinson’s pales in comparison.  My experiences, my challenges, my questions and concerns all seem so insignificant or petty in comparison.  How can I write about the pain of my dystonia (curling of toes) when another 47 people are killed trying to flee Aleppo? Or when I read Trump’s new years message to the “losers” who didn’t support him? Or when I consider the void left by the death of another cultural icon?.

A writer friend advised me that while these more “global” concerns may be real, there is still very much a place for the voice of the individual. In fact, the voice of the individual often times tends to be the voice of many others. You reflect back or mirror others experiences in ways that they themselves can appreciate and you also hopefully contribute to a larger discussion of these issues or experiences.

I’m not sure if I’m convinced as yet. Still, a seed has been planted. I’ll let it germinate a bit and we’ll see what grows in the weeks and months ahead. One thing is for certain – I’ll need a little less darkness and a lot more light for this thing to grow!

Blessings for the new year!

All good things






new morning

Mornings, December Sun, Flickr

It’s been over 100 weeks since I launched my blog “ssshakinallover”. It’s been a fun ride but it’s time to shake things up a bit. I’ve appreciated all the positive feedback I have received and the small but loyal readership I’ve had. Yet, I feel that my audience has been limited by a number of factors including the site which has hosted me for this time. In an effort to broaden this base, I’m switching to a wordpress.com address. I hope past readers will follow me and that others will join. For the next few months, I’ll post new entries in both locations to aid in the transition.

As well, since April is Parkinson’s Awareness month, I’m going to take this opportunity to “re-release” what I’m calling the “Greatest Hits – My Blog Vol. 1”. For the next few weeks, I’ll post one of these “gems” each weekday for your edification. If it’s too much volume for you, delete at your leisure and my apologies for any inconvenience caused! However, I’d invite you to join me on a walk down memory lane at the 100 weeks that were…well, the last 100 weeks!

As for my new blog, more simply titled “imshakydad”, today marks a new morning! I look forward to hearing or reading your comments as the weeks go on. With your assistance and guidance, I’m hopeful the hits will keep on coming!

p.s. speaking of hits…to get notice of new blog entries, click on the blue  “Following imshakydad” tab to the upper left!