Perky Parkies?

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Well HELLO to all my fine readers on this glorious winter’s day!  And a special shout-out to all of my fellow “parkies” (or my wolfpack as I love to call them!). Great to have everyone here! I know you’ve probably had a rough night with only 2 or 3 hours of sleep like me but hey, isn’t it great that we have all this extra time in the day!! What’s that you say? You’re feeling a little apathetic today? A little depressed? Well that’s nothing that a cone, or a bowl, or a quart of frozen yogurt won’t take care of!! And if you’re worried about putting on a few extra pounds, don’t worry! You can just ease up on your meds and shake those pounds right off!! Speaking of shaking, check out my blog’s new product reviews for some exciting additions you’ll want to get your hands on as quickly as you can! There is even a handy umbrella designed with us parkies in mind – don’t let those cloudy skies get you down!

These are my words but they sure don’t read or sound much like any blog I’ve ever written. I have, however, read many blogs that make an extra effort to emphasize the positive*. Some seek out the jovial side of living with Parkinson’s, some encourage spiritual solace and comfort. Others try not to wade into any controversial areas such as public policy, alternative therapies and the pharmaceutical industry.

Since I began writing this blog some 4 years ago, I have attempted to present a more balanced view of living with PD. The good, the bad and the ugly of PD you might say. At times, I have concurred with the importance of being positive. I’ve tried to inject humour  into my writing (which some folks tell me they have enjoyed). But I’ve also shared my frustrations, my challenges, and my opinions about some of the “sacred” institutions and controversial treatments of PD.

That’s not to say that I’ve used this blog as a platform to rant and rave or act in a malicious way. That’s never been my intent. Yet, it has also never been my intent to “sugar-coat” living with PD. I’d like to think people who have recently been diagnosed with PD would get more out of this type of blog. Also, in terms of building awareness outside the PD community, this approach paints a more realistic picture of Parkinson’s.

This blog won’t earn product endorsements. It won’t get me invited to pharmaceutical conferences. Hell (or heck, if you prefer), you won’t find even links to my blog in places you’d expect to see that! You will find lots of links to “perky parkies” – they are always up!




*   I’ve touched upon this topic previously – see Get Happy


4 thoughts on “Perky Parkies?”

  1. Can relate absolutely with your latest blog! Being positive can be very tiring I’ve found.
    I enjoy reading your blog – know exactly how you feel, well i think i do anyway !


  2. While not a “parkie”; those clouds roll in on many of us for various reasons or another. Your blogs always make me smile, count my blessings and keep me trucking. I have been known to lose my “Barbie” every now and then and that face umbrella tool could really come in handy! Keep on writing, a dose of RK is always good for my soul!


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