We interrupt our regular programming to present this musical interlude of some of the best Parkinson’s music you may ever hear! Well, in fairness, they are technically not about Parkinson’s Disease in particular, but whenever I hear them these days, they resonate in a different way.

If you’re a PWP (Person with Parkinson’s) perhaps you have similar songs that do the same for you. Did I miss your favourite? Add it in the comments or drop me a line and I’ll be happy to add it to the collection!

Here’s my favs:

  • This was an unexpected hit for the Canadian band The Guess Who in 1965. Shakin’ All Over


  • Shake, Rattle and Roll by Big Joe Turner in 1954 audio only


  • Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On by Jerry Lee Lewis. Here’s a live version from 1957.


  • Hippy Hippy Shakes a hit for The Swinging Blue Jeans in 1963. audio only


  • Eric Burdon and the Animals tried to cash in on a dance craze with Shake in 1966.



  • Let’s Shake by Teenage Head. A live version from the early 90’s.


  • It goes against my better judgement to  include this in any “best of” list but, from 1976, KC and the Sunshine Band perform live on Soul Train their iconic piece Shake Your Booty.



These don’t necessarily make a “best of list” but I thought someone may want something original from people with PD themselves. These aren’t earnest tales of woe but attempts to have a laugh about PD. Here’s one from Mitch Faile and a less polished, but equally authentic one, from Beverly Ribaudo.





5 thoughts on “Shakinallover”

  1. I enjoyed reading this, Rob, for the humour and irony. It’s always good to listen to “Shaking All Over.” Now I will think of you when I hear it.

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      1. Well I think you are all right and in the right just “borrowing” some intellectual property. Some are not so leinient. I once posted a video of the cat batting at a shoelace to the tempo of an electronic piece by Aphex Twin. The music was just “on” thanks to a local community-supported radio statiio. i INNOCENTLY rerecorded it because my cat danced to it. Big Deal. I got a “cease and desist” email in about 12 hours from their law firm, and U-Tube yanked it..


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