The Big C

Zombie Alphabet , Len Peralta, Flickr

A few months back, I ruminated on the various challenges I have faced since my diagnosis with PD almost 17 years ago.  I was stewing about some impending test results that i hoped would not add to this somewhat daunting list. If I had to get something else, I thought, let it be a Mercedes Benz.

Well, dear reader, the test results are in. I’m still driving a used Fiat. And the “Big C” in this title doesn’t refer to a Cadillac.

Early in the new year, a tumour was discovered in my bladder and surgery was scheduled for its removal. Pathology tests on the offending tumour confirmed early stage, low level cancer. Apparently there is a fairly high chance it will return so regular re-assessment will be required  every  3-4 months. This, I am assured, is good news.

It’s been a trying few months to say the least. I’ve been fortunate to have had support from family, friends and various health care providers which has no doubt kept me going. Yet, I can testify, as hard as it gets sometimes in dealing with PD, things can always get harder or more challenging. Somehow, we have to muster the strength to carry on (or, as that 70’s euphemism so aptly put it, Keep on Truckin’). Even if your truck is a Fiat.


Late-night Addendum….Thanks to all those that have read this missive today and sent along their wishes. It means a lot to have your support! I must, however, clarify that my intent on writing and publishing this short piece was to first inform folks why my attention has been diverted of late. I’ve missed writing and, dare I say it, some of you missed reading my blog!  I also wanted to convey some sense of the weight that people with diseases like Parkinson’s carry and yet, even in the face of that, sometimes have to take on more.  I’m a bit worn down, but I’m actually very happy with the early diagnosis and treatment and certainly hopeful that I’m on a good road to the future.  Again, even if I’m in a Fiat 🙂