summertime blues

Freedom in a can, eilonwyersatz, deviantart

I’m a gonna raise a fuss, I’m a gonna raise a holler.

Here on the first real long weekend of the summer, those words from an old Eddie Cochran song come back to me in a whole new way.

As I sat in our kitchen, in these early morning shadows, I spent an hour or so perusing  through posts in my Facebook. Aside from the daily junk and “click-bait” I get, I was struck by the volume of posts that featured smiling faces at campsites. People hiking through mountains and foreign cities abroad. Attending parades, concerts, or sporting events. Families together on boats or beaches, in parks or posing in front of famous landmarks or iconic symbols or sculptures. In words, they recounted stories of their adventures and follies.

Not that long ago, my postings would likely have told similar stories. Yet these past few years, we’ve been operating from a different script. Perhaps it’s the fact that our children are no longer children but young adults or perhaps we’re not as driven to orchestrate elaborate vacation plans, but we’ve done very little vacationing as a family.

Moreover, as my Parkinson’s has advanced, my energy and motivation for the same seems to have been gnawed away from me. I still very much long to do this, but can’t seem to marshall together my resources to make it happen. The beauty of a glorious beach is marred by the long list of “things to pack-up” and haul wherever we may go. The allure of foreign cities is tarnished by the weariness that inevitably accompanies long flights and podiatric exploration. Even a quick weekend getaway seems too complicated to pull off when you start to consider safe transportation of medications, almost daily “yo-yoing” of my physical health – a few days up, next day down -and trying to coordinate increasing busy schedules of our children (aka young adults).

Yet, there is still some optimism that we have not seen the end of our vacationing days. It’s only the first long weekend of summer. The AC has not been turned on for a single day. Only once has the phrase “I’m bored” been uttered by the young adults in our house (though it will inevitably erupt into a chorus before long!). Why we even have 6 months left on our passports and a few bucks in a US back account and some wayward Euros tucked away in a drawer. With a little cooperation from PD and perhaps some minor attitude adjustments,  we could be experiencing changes in latitude before long!

Buon viaggio! Safe travels! Enjoy your summer!