Come on, Get Happy!!


About year  ago I wrote a blog called Get Happy where i chronicled the pertinacious on-line call to be “positive”. Here’s an excerpt from that piece:

In the last few years, I’ve spent more time in on-line support groups for people with Parkinson’s. I’m not sure if my observations hold true for others with a chronic disease but I suspect they do. While the daily “rabble” may vary, there are certain consistencies – the motivational poster of the day, the prayer to a higher power, the pharmaceutical query and the ailment-of-the-day.

From time to time, there is a person who expresses despair or lashes out at their circumstances and this wicked condition called Parkinson’s. Yet, without a doubt, the overall emphasis or tone that is struck is to “be positive”. Don’t dwell on the negative. Seize the moment. Be active. Get outside. Come on, get happy!!

I can understand that. I realize that it’s important to our mental health to be positive. I get it. But some days I don’t. Some days I want to be angry. Some days I want to rail out against PD. Some days I wonder how I’m going to continue. Some days I can’t see my way past the pain. I don’t want to “get happy” – to placate my condition or my feelings of hurt. I don’t want to wallow in self-pity but I do need to acknowledge these feelings – even if I have no solution or resolution at hand.

Well, not a lot has changed since I wrote this but, it is Easter and spring is threatening to return to these parts – how can one help but not be somewhat more optimistic? . How can one resist the vibrant colours, the (anticipated) warmth, the absolute glory of a full sun?

The other event that is on the near horizon is Parkinson’s Awareness Month which begins in but a few days. This year, I am planning a full 30-day program acknowledging some of the ways PD has impacted my life. I promise to capture some of the optimism of spring in this review though some of the sentiments have been brewing through a long cold winter! I’ll spare you, dear reader, from a daily barrage of missives but will give you a weekly blog for your edification starting April 1. Come on now, let’s get happy 😉




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