Ein Prost!


Damn. My timing stinks. Just as October comes to a close – and so with it an end to the traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest festivities – new research is out that makes me wish I’d had a very different month.

It’s being suggested that hops, the female flower of the hop plant which are added during the beer brewing process, are a source of the compound “xanthohumol”. This compound as it turns out, protects neuronal cells present in the brain and thereby slows down the development of brain disorders. Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions could be prevented or slowed down by the preventing the oxidative damage to these neuronal cells.

While there is limited detail on the study(s), this is one time i think we need to make an exception to our “let’s not read too much into the data” or “we need further study before we can draw conclusive evidence” attitudes.

We could be on the precipice of a major scientic breakthrough here. We don’t have time for random clinical trials or placebos or mean aggregates!! Science – I am your servant! Draw me a pint good bartender!  Salut!

(for dubious nay-sayers or just the curious, you’ll find more information on the actual study, here)

(for other eager research subjects or participants, you’ll find me here)


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