1:12 Scale Thanksgiving Dinner by fairchildart, deviantart
1:12 Scale Thanksgiving Dinner
by fairchildart, deviantart

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada and, as usual, I’ve been thinking about all that I have to be thankful for. Like the proverbial turkey, I’m stuffed to the brim! This year, I thought I’d share this in a more public fashion through my blog. It may be a little self-indulgent, but permit my excess. If it’s not to your taste, and you are so inclined, feel free to scroll down through the “meal” and all its accouterments and head straight for the dessert. Bon appetite!

the aperitif 

♥ the folks that i meet regularly and make my day – from the postal carrier to my neighbours to fellow dog walkers. While the cast changes with the seasons and through the years, they are a constant.

♥ those in the service industry – from the grocery store cashier to the tradesperson to the civil servant – whom I encounter that enjoys their work, are genuinely helpful, and can make or break a day.

the appetizers

♥ my classmates – people who I see every week at dance class or in aqua therapy, or whatever weekly pursuit happens to be the “soup-du-jour” of my continuing education!

♥ on-line communities – I belong to a number of on-line information and/or support groups –  a lot of them related to PD. These are often a source of good information, discussion and even entertainment. Almost daily I make time, even but for a few minutes, to these groups

the turkey (or Tofurkey if u prefer)

♥ my family – my parents and my sister are unwavering in their support. I cannot imagine how I would have got along without them. I am truly indebted to them

♥ my children – though well on their way to becoming their own persons, and not my children, they’re still young enough to be embarrassed by signs of public affection so…T,E & W…thank you and lots of love, Dad

♥ my wife – it can’t be easy married to me and my PD – requires a well of strength that one might not expect! I’m also in many ways not the man she married yet she perseveres.

the sides

♥ my friends – despite everything I’ve done (or haven’t done) over the years, I have a group of friends from school, work and my “retirement” years, who I am so appreciative of. They are not really “sides” to this “meal” – they’re just as important as the “main dish” but this isn’t a vegan meal. We gotta have turkey. We gotta have sides!

♥ my extended family – my aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, out-laws (former in-laws), ex’s, etc. – see above! Too many to mention, too much they have given!

♥ my teachers, my mentors, my employers, the leaders who took a chance on me and hired me – I am ingratitude (cue Celine Dion – I think i can fly!)

♥ my medical team – I’m fortunate to live in Canada and to have had routinely good care and support from a range of health care staff. Truly dedicated to helping.

the dessert

♥ the readers of my blog – especially those who have been long-suffering followers – it’s very special that you have cared enough to read my rants and raves and to give me feedback through it all. Much appreciated.

the after dinner espresso

♥ to cast of thousands that, through the years, have touched my life in perhaps subtle, but incomparable, ways and haven’t been mentioned above. I think of the kids I taught in elementary school, parents of my kids’ friends, my teammates (baseball, football, hockey), my early classmates, radio folk, deaf and hard of hearing consumers whom I worked for, musicians and artists and writers I have known or admired, work associates, Board members and so many in the voluntary and educational  sectors! Though my memory sometimes fails, inevitably something will trigger a thought – ring that bell – and your presence reverberates through my being once more. Thank you. Ring them bells!


11 thoughts on “Stuffed”

  1. Beautifully considered, sweetly written, much appreciated. Your thoughts are important to read and remember – especially by we who are relatively able-bodied (for now).


  2. Beautifully said Rob. You are lucky to have your family, but they are so lucky to have you as well. Thank you my friend for being the person that you are. Sensitive, caring and you appreciate the people that love you. Enjoy your Thanks Giving.


  3. Beautiful, Rob. I would be thankful too if only my two ingrate sisters respected me the way they should. Maybe next year. You forgot to mention the dog.


  4. Rob, this is beautiful. You have given so much thought to it that I do not believe it could be improved in any way. Kudos as usual. For myself, I am thankful to have you in my life.


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