I’m crushing your head


I’m getting better at waiting.

Waiting for a doctor. Waiting at the lab. Waiting for test results. Waiting for class to start. Waiting on my kids while taxiing them around town. Waiting on medications to be delivered. Waiting for someone to call. Waiting.

In days of yore, when I tried to run my life with a honed efficiency, waiting used to frustrate me.

Today, I’ve become much more patient in this regard. I’m also generally much better prepared for waiting. I travel everywhere with my smartphone and a book.

Recently, I found myself in downtown Toronto waiting to meet up with someone. For the first time in a long time, I had neither my phone with me nor a book. I had no pen or paper to write. I had nowhere else to go and nothing else to do but wait. As I sat there waiting, I actually enjoyed “people watching”. The steady stream of business men and women, young students, some tourists, homeless folks, bicycle couriers, etc. The odd person would exchange glances with me – perhaps drawn to my “frozen mask” or my dyskenesis but most just walked on by as you might expect.

I didn’t have to wait too long. Perhaps 5 or 10 minutes before the person I was to meet arrived. Yet, in that short period, I came to realize that, at times, I can actually enjoy waiting. It’s a small window to slow things down. To take a physical or mental break. Just enjoy checking things out as the world passes by.

Or perhaps, crush a few heads.


7 thoughts on “I’m crushing your head”

  1. didn’t get the video at the beginning? click on the blue title “Im Crushing Your Head” in your emailed copy. You’l find it there and hopefully the end will make some sense. Hopefully. SOME sense 🙂 ——————————————————— new – check out my personal blog at  https://imshakydad.wordpress.com/


  2. Good one!! Tess will likely say see what I was telling you about meditation? I like the way you always find something positive on which to end your blogs. Well done!


  3. Love this, dude! I think it’s bang-on to realize waiting can actually bring you to a place of quiet reflection as you watch the world go by. Get so little of that in the high-paced world of Parkinson’s (such a BUSY disease), whether your the PwP or the PwPSD (slave-driver…that’s me). This is a lovely reminder to ‘be still’…thank you!


    1. thx lisa – appreciate the feedback – u r right – it is such a busy disease – my days have become even busier with the arrival of fall and return to routines. this is both good and bad but, as one of my fav musicians said, it’s better to burnout, than it is to rust!


  4. Rob, you answered my question in your first comment above. If you don’t know Kids in the Hall, you might be left with…um…let’s just say questionable perception of your sanity for this blog post title!


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