From the freezer to the frying pan

the cold and the hot by murdocsnook, deviantart
the cold and the hot by murdocsnook, deviantart

At the risk of repeating the mistakes of Goldilocks, may I say that it is too damned hot. Here in Southern Ontario, we’ve been in a severe heatwave for several days with little relief in sight. This is the same place where, several months ago, I wrote complaining about how bitterly cold it was and how long winter was dragging on. Elsewhere, extremes have even been more pronounced.

As time goes by, and my PD advances, I find I am becoming more sensitive to these temperature extremes. Too hot to stand it in the summer;  too cold to get through a winter. So, what’s the alternative?

Well, living in Canada, there are limited options. The west coast has more moderate winter temperatures but also can be quite wet. The east coast, while beautiful, has even longer winters and shorter summers. In the province of Ontario alone, there are tremendous differences between north and south, west and east. We don’t have any Caribbean island that we have annexed to be part of our country nor do we have the American equivalent of “retirement states” such as Florida, Arizona or California.

Obviously, there are other factors that weigh into any decision to relocate such as family, friends, health care and lifestyle considerations. But, for a bit of summertime fun, I’d like to put out a mini-poll to PWP to ask whether or not climate has been a factor in your decision on where you live. Results are not scientifically quantifiable and your individual answers will not be shared with any real estate services or moving companies! I will however make my decision based solely on the results of this poll (he says, tongue firmly implanted in cheek). My family may have a thing or two to say about that but, as I say, this is suppose to be fun! (there i go again – saying this is good summertime fun….tells you what kind of a summer i’m having i suppose if this is considered fun 🙂 )

BONUS: Unlike the Canadian government, 2 pieces of ID are not required to vote, a voter registration card is not necessary but perfectly acceptable, and you may or may not be entitled to vote early and often – this is the first time I’ve used this WordPress feature so I’m really not sure how it’ll work 🙂  Good luck and thanks for your vote!


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