too much jelly in the donut, good sir

the donut, JoaoPedroPG, deviantart

There was a time this spring when, for a moment, I seemed to have things pretty much together. My medications were working. My activity levels were rising. My spirits were buoyed. Sure I had lingering stiffness, some dyskenisis and ever-present problems like dystonia and bladder issues. But, generally speaking, in the moment, I felt like things were looking up. I could even look forward to a few good night’s sleep (up to five consecutive hours!). I seemed to have this PD thing under pretty good control!

Yet, as Shakespeare’s Othello said to Cassio, so I sayeth to you, dear reader: O fool! fool! fool!

You never have this thing under control. Living with Parkinson’s is an ever-changing challenge. This I get. And this spring, I wasn’t under any illusions in this regard. What was different I believe was that a few other every day problems or challenges were added to the mix. A washing machine had to be replaced. Car problems arose in our one and only family car. Seasonal chores started to overwhelm. A long-time friend suddenly took ill and was all too quickly taken from us. More jelly added to the same size donut. It had suddenly become all too much to handle alone.

And therein lies the rub (forgive me but can you tell I’m making plans for summer Shakespeare season).

It seems that when I can slow my life down, or simplify it enough so as to reduce or control the interference of these every day problems, I feel more able to cope with the problems of PD. I know that we cannot shield ourselves from life’s complexities, but is illustrative of the additional challenges faced by those living with a chronic condition.

At the same time, the more engaged and active I am socially, physically, mentally – the better I feel. The more jelly I stuff into the donut that is my life, the more full I feel. And subsequently, the less room I have in my life for such complexities.

It’s a delicate balance and if there’s a recipe for success,  I haven’t found it yet. All I know is that, at the moment, I could stand for a little less complexities in the mix. In subsequent blogs, I will explore this notion more and hope you’ll follow. Until then, have a good summer. Fare thee well in thy travels, and may by fate we meet again!


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4 thoughts on “too much jelly in the donut, good sir”

    1. thx AB – always appreciate your comments – i owe you a plump jelly donut one of these days 🙂 you have a good summer too – i m going to try to make it for a few wed in july so perhaps see u there! cheers rk


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