new morning

Mornings, December Sun, Flickr

It’s been over 100 weeks since I launched my blog “ssshakinallover”. It’s been a fun ride but it’s time to shake things up a bit. I’ve appreciated all the positive feedback I have received and the small but loyal readership I’ve had. Yet, I feel that my audience has been limited by a number of factors including the site which has hosted me for this time. In an effort to broaden this base, I’m switching to a address. I hope past readers will follow me and that others will join. For the next few months, I’ll post new entries in both locations to aid in the transition.

As well, since April is Parkinson’s Awareness month, I’m going to take this opportunity to “re-release” what I’m calling the “Greatest Hits – My Blog Vol. 1”. For the next few weeks, I’ll post one of these “gems” each weekday for your edification. If it’s too much volume for you, delete at your leisure and my apologies for any inconvenience caused! However, I’d invite you to join me on a walk down memory lane at the 100 weeks that were…well, the last 100 weeks!

As for my new blog, more simply titled “imshakydad”, today marks a new morning! I look forward to hearing or reading your comments as the weeks go on. With your assistance and guidance, I’m hopeful the hits will keep on coming!

p.s. speaking of hits…to get notice of new blog entries, click on the blue  “Following imshakydad” tab to the upper left!


2 thoughts on “new morning”

  1. ” … So happy just to see you smile
    Underneath the sky of blue;
    On this new morning, new morning;
    On this new morning with you.”

    I look forward to your posts, Rob. As always. Cheers!


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